UPDATE – Kosher L’Pesach Granola with Buckwheat

Passover Granola with Buckwheat

This year – at least so far – I have been unable to find the quinoa flakes that were so helpful last year for my Passover Granola. So what’s a gal to do?!

After asking at both of the likely stores nearby (there is one more a bit further away to check), I woke up early this morning determined to find a solution, which appeared in the form of Buckwheat Penne pasta.

Of course I had to cook it first – al denté – and then I cut the pasta into little rings and toasted it in the pan just like I would do if it were (the customary) oatmeal. Then I stirred in the usual ingredients in turn, and hoped for the best.

My husband – and number one granola fan – was brave enough to try it and pronounced it delicious. (Whew.) The bottom line is that if you can find quinoa flakes, go for it. Otherwise you can substitute any Kosher L’Passover (KLP) small pasta shape.

Let me know how it goes!!

Published by skfinston

Born February 21, 1961 in Detroit, Michigan; enjoying 2nd Middle Age in Zichron Yaakov, Israel. After a misspent youth in the US Foreign Service (postings in London, Tel Aviv and Manila), I moved to the Semi-private Sector, working for a leading trade association in Washington DC before launching my own company Finston Consulting in 2005. Over the last 15+ years I have worked with innovative companies ranging from Fortune-100 to start up, as well as NGOs, and governments, including service as a cleared advisor (Secret level) to the Commerce Department and the U.S. Trade Representative (IPR, Tariff/Trade Facilitation). As a graduate of the University of Michigan, my degrees include a Bachelors of Science (Philosophy, High Honors), Juris Doctor and Masters of Public Policy. After law school I clerked at the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit before joining the U.S. Foreign Service (TSI-CodeWord Clearance). I am a member of the Illinois and US Supreme Court Bar.

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