Training for Life(2) – Five Questions for Donna Goodwin Osher, Specialist Trainer

In 2022, I wrote here about my 2nd Middle Age fitness journey, and now I am writing again to share my recent discussion with Donna Goodwin Osher, Specialist Trainer. Donna works with both adults and young children. This conversation has been edited for clarity and length.

We are including photos of actual training sessions with Donna. This is what 62 looks like in my own 2nd Middle Age.

Susan: Why is fitness training so important in 2nd Middle Age?  

Donna: Of course fitness is important at every age. As we get older, physical training is very helpful to maintain mobility, improve balance and keep strong. Training helps to retain and increase bone density, which is very important for healthy aging. Core strength training is very important to stabilize and protect the spine, increase agility and make every day movements easier, as shown above.

“Staying active in 2nd Middle Age is important for physical, mental & emotional well-being.”

Donna Goodwin Osher, Specialist Trainer

Susan: How would you describe the benefits of Physical Training for people in 2nd Middle Age?

Donna: There are myriad benefits for 2nd Middle Age: enhancing energy levels, maintaining a healthy weight, and increasing social outlets. For example, I work with couples in their 60s and above. It is wonderful to see the ‘feel-good’ factor on their smiling faces.

Whether it is for an individual or a couple, physical training sessions mitigate health problems like arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and heart disease. Improving flexibility and balance helps to strengthen bones, and decrease risk of falls. We also know now that physical training benefits the brain, helping to retain mental clarity and memory.  And of course of this contributes to better quality of life at every age.

Susan: What do you recommend for people to get started in 2nd Middle Age?

Donna: Anyone can get started at any age – it is literally never too late. Go out for regular walks with your partner, with friends or on your own.

As the image above shows, you can use simple equipment like park benches for chest presses or squats. Have fun by joining a group session class, training 1:1, or with a partner to have fun together whilst reaping the mental and physical health benefits.

Susan: What do you think are the most important building blocks for fitness in 2nd Middle Age?

Donna: The most important thing is to just start where you are: walking, swimming, gentle hiking, gardening, walking a pet – all of these things are easy ways to get moving. If you are home-bound for any reason, you can also work with a trainer online. I routinely work with clients remotely.

Working out together as a couple has many proven benefits:

  • combining exercises that you do together,
  • holding hands whilst squatting,
  • chair exercises where you share a ball/ band and alternate exercises together,
  • singing along to some of your favorite music,
  • being motivated to do something shared and together,
  • having a great motivating personal trainer,
  • keeping to a routine and weekly structure together, motivating each other, and
  • enjoying each others company.

Susan: Can you share a little more about your own fitness journey?

Donna: My fitness journey started in the early 90’s in Los Angeles, CA, where I experienced many sides of the fitness craze – from Jane Fonda workouts to body builders working out at Muscle Beach, Venice. I attended crazy populated group hip-hop classes of 150+ people of all ages, and saw rollerbladers from young kids to 90+ year olds skating along Venice Beach and having the time of their lives, whilst keeping fit, healthy and in shape!

I also witnessed the flip side where portion sizes in restaurants in the USA were colossal! Free soda refill, as much as you like on tap, and  children’s ’staple’ diet was fast food, unlimited soda, and huge children’s portion sizes too!

This was the point at which I chose this profession to get qualified as a group instructor and personal trainer, as I wanted to be a part of peoples’ lives to help them reach their fitness and healthy lifestyle goals.

The rest they say is history…and 30 years later, I am still as passionate about it now as I was way back then to help both adults and young children to be physically active, strong, and fit, by motivating, mentoring and educating people and most of all, to have FUN whilst reaping all the health related benefits.

Most recently I have launched my first endorsed training course Zeros 2 Heroes, to train early years practitioners, kids activity trainers and PT’s in physical development of babies to 2 years old with the main focus of babies being ‘Active from Birth’ and postnatal mothers to ease back into a physical active lifestyle combined with her baby.

“The first 2 years of life are crucial for health brain development and motor skill movement.” 

Donna Goodwin Osher

I strongly believe that anyone, any age, young, old, all abilities and those with challenges, can lead a healthy, active lifestyle. The ‘proof in the pudding’ is that I still train clients from 3 moths old – 96 years young! And it’s never too late to start. 

On a personal level, in my early 20s I experienced a life-threatening, life-altering illness. From that time to the present, fitness training has been my top priority and a life-saver for my own physical and mental health. Moving the body everyday is something that has always brought me back from whatever traumas and diagnoses I have had to face over the years. Some days are debilitating, and yet the necessity to move my body always brings me back to myself. I encourage all my clients to do the same, to feel and reap the positive benefits from physical exercise. 

I am ACE and NVQ certified with several diplomas in teaching, training and child physical development, Cimspa endorsed and specialist trainer for Pediatric Hypermobility. 

For more information contact Donna at

Whatsapp: +972 52 958 9904 

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