Meditations on Moving House, Finding Community, & Apartment Five

It’s Moving Day – Again!


The last time we moved – during the first Corona lockdown in May 2020 – I consoled myself with the (false) hope that at least we could stay here until we found our permanent home.

It was easy to feel at home in Apartment 4

However that proved unrealistic — it’s hard enough for new American-Israelis to get a handle on house-hunting locally, and we are not planning on buying in Jerusalem.

The really great news is that we are relocating north to be closer to where Aaron is living at Kibbutz Heftziba and returning to the community where we started our Aliyah. With ‘boots in the ground’ we hope to be able to find a permanent home.

I also have more thoughts on the whole concept of accepting the temporary and hope to share them … right after I unpack a few boxes.

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