Celebrating the Circle of Life with Round Challah Shapes

Throughout the Jewish fall holiday cycle we have a tradition of round Challah shapes to symbolize wholeness and return (Tshuvah). As we approach the climax of joy for the Jewish fall holiday cycle with the onset of Shmini Atzeret (8th day of Assembly) and Simchat Torah (rejoicing in the Torah), I am writing briefly to share simple round shapes that look great without stress.

I have three basic round Challah shapes based on the basic ‘snail’ made from a single coil. This is the easiest to master and looks great all by itself.

Here are single and two-strand snail shapes

The second is a twisted snail, made with two strands, and the third is a three-strand braid, also coiled into the snail shape.

Here is a two-strand snail.

The three-strand snail starts with a simple braid:

Here you can see the difference between the two and three-strand snail shapes.

Whatever shape you choose is the right one – there is no wrong answer.

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